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Successful start of production:

REHAU | Automotive supplies sills for BMW X1


Since July, REHAU | Automotive has been successfully producing sills for the BMW X1 in the Bavarian Forest in Viechtach and delivering them just-in-sequence to the customer in Re-gensburg. The order makes a significant contribution to the capacity utilization of the plant and secures jobs.

REHAU | Automotive and the automobile manufacturer BMW Group have been working together as partners for decades. In the context of the order for the BMW X1, the supplier with its Viechtach location convinced the customer not only with its immediate proximity and optimal logistical connections. The new series start-up is a real team success: "The colleagues from Rehau and Viechtach have grown together closely in past projects and have also mastered this series production start-up hand in hand," explains REHAU | Automotive project manager Steven Wessels proudly.

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Claudia Tümmler

Rheniumhaus, 95111 Rehau
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The supplier has successfully managed several start-ups in recent years, including the series launch for the new BMW iX electric SUV or the BMW 4 Series. "We would like to thank our customer for its trust and cooperation in a spirit of partnership, and we would especially like to thank everyone involved in the project," Wessels emphasizes. "The order makes a significant contribution to the capacity utilization of our plant and secures jobs."

Together with the employees in Viechtach, REHAU | Automotive has consistently converted its plant to lean principles in all areas in recent years. This has increased productivity, optimized logistics areas and improved the operating result by 20 percent within three years.

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The teams from Viechtach and Rehau worked hand in hand and mastered the series start-up together.

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