Bumper systems

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Bumper systems

Versatile, functionally integrated design elements at the front and rear

The days when bumpers served purely as collision protection are long gone. Do you still remember? Hardly. These components have long since become complex systems. They shape the design of the vehicle and now integrate more functions than most household appliances.

Cleverly designed safety technology in our bumper systems prevent potential accidents. Intelligent and proactive. The integrated sensors, such as parking-assist systems, lane-change assistants or short-range radars, meet the highest technical standards. And all while remaining virtually invisible.

Our bumper systems don’t just feature a varied range of functions, but also offer many different ways in which they can shape the exterior appearance of a vehicle. Today more than ever. Custom-produced and ready-to-fit form elements shape the vehicle’s front and rear design. Our range now includes more than 500,000 different color and trim variants. 

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