Functional systems

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Functional systems

More efficient air flow and comfort throughout the interior

To those who say that vehicle comfort is just a question of taste – we politely disagree. At least when it comes to vehicle air flow. Our system solutions ensure clean and safe air exchange throughout the entire vehicle. Comfort without compromise. 

Thanks to the variable and optimal design of the individual components, the complete air-flow system is perfectly tailored to the requirements of two- and four-zone air conditioning. This means fresh air is provided exactly where it’s needed.
In dashboards, behind the glove compartment, in the center console, the footwells, the B-/C-pillars, the boot and the roof liner: Almost-invisible polymer air ducts are hard at work all throughout the vehicle. And all without adding any weight. Literally. The materials used for our system components are extremely lightweight. Modern functional systems such as polymer air ducts not only mean fewer CO2 emissions for the vehicle, but also prevent unwanted noise from entering into the vehicle space. 

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Functional systems

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