Exterior systems

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Exterior systems

Functional exteriors that shape design

An elegant silhouette, striking rear section and a sporty, dynamic look: These are the details that often tip the balance when it comes to a vehicle’s first impression. Today’s painted exterior parts must be as aesthetically pleasing as they are safe. 

Our exterior systems take various models and turn them into something special. The product range includes rear spoilers, rocker panels and fenders, as well as fascias and covers. We develop, produce and paint a huge variety of parts for series models and special equipment, including sport and off-road variants. We’re always looking for new challenges. Our aim? Every component should be perfectly integrated, both visually and functionally, to achieve the desired overall impression. 

Our guiding principles are ecological and economical sustainability. Weight savings reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption. And, thanks to their optimal material compositions, our polymer system solutions help to achieve just that. Individually designed shaping (e.g., of rear spoilers) also improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics. Function integration is becoming increasingly important for a vehicle’s exterior. As materials experts, we are a development partner to prestigious cooperation partners, working side-by-side with them to drive innovation. Find out more. 


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